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Our Happy PICA Birthday! We are turning 3!

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Today marks three years since we launched our first set of bright pop art prints into the world! And this year, our third, was definitely a very busy year for us. Settling down in a new place, let alone in a new country, has kept our days full with lots to do. Busy putting down the much needed foundation for a forthcoming creative new year. As I am typing this we already have a pair of new prints underway in their final stages of brand new colour scheme development for us to kick off the new PICA year on a creative note. *Spoiler alert* This time we are taking a new direction and going a bit more historical, channelling the upright warrior nerd in all of us. *End spoiler*


Ambitions aside, we are very excited to have made it into our 3rd year of our artistic endeavour, and endlessly thankful for all the support and feedback we have received from you! We are hopeful and eager to grow our toddler enterprise into something big one day, to continue to spread and share our love for colour and Japanese culture with the rest of the world. Because at PICA we believe that everyone should have a dash of happiness on their walls!

*making a wish and releasing the balloons*  ゝ(▽`*ゝ)