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Happy New Year! It’s 2017!!!


The day has finally come! It is a brand new year. Clean slate. A chance to start all over or build upon the awesome stuff you have achieved the year before. It is a year for new opportunities, grand plans, and wild possibilities to shine in new light. It is a hatching egg for new ambitions, aspirations, and reaching your goals. We’ll only have 2017 once, so we urge you to make the best of it!

At PICA we absolutely loved our 2016. We made big plans. We worked hard to reach our goals. We moved across the world (again). It has been a great and kind year to us. We wish that this year we’ll be just as great, and with some extra love and dedication, perhaps even greater. And that is what is truly amazing about the start of a brand new year—the prospect of attaining and even surpassing one’s ambitions. Just think about it: next year on New Year’s Eve you could be toasting to something incredible that you had no idea was coming! After all, the world has a way of surprising us now and then.

We wish that this year the world will be kind, bright, and giving to all of us. That there won’t be limits we won’t surpass. That we’ll have the courage to make bold plans. And we’ll have the means to make these plans a reality. The chicken is hatching. And with it are the new prospects for achieving that formidable greatness. Happy New Year, friends! Happy new everything!