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Our Kitty Got Featured!


Last month our best friend and partner in all that we do, Hime Himstar the Great got featured in the Get Leashed Magazine. She came into our lives 8 years ago, and it has never been the same ever since. She makes our everyday brighter and completes our home in ways nothing else can. She is our motivation to do better. She is our own live version of 招き猫 (maneki-neko).

Read more from our interview with the magazine that talks about us, Hime, and PICA Things We Love. There you’ll also find some backstage photos of our living space!

Get Leashed article: getleashedmag.com/2015/07/14/alyona-robby

Hime Himstar the Great

Hime Himstar the Great

Hime Himstar the Great also has her own Instagram page. She is my favourite model - and you’ll be sure to find some extreme cuteness there. @hime.himstar.the.great

We also have a website diary of sorts dedicated to Hime. It’s written from her perspective, and gives you a glimpse into her daily life and personality. buoyantstudio.com/himstar