PICA Things We Love Japanese Design Prints

Exciting Beginnings


Today we are celebrating the launch of our first official online shop for PICA and hopefully the beginning of something great.

Around this time last year we stumbled upon the idea of opening our own prints store on Etsy. I’ve been creating illustrations for myself as a hobby for awhile now - a way to let loose after a day of business card, brochure and other corporate print material design. As I get home from work, I become my own creative boss - my design, my rules. Anything goes.

One day, as I was browsing the shops, seeing what Etsy has to offer, I came across a shop selling original vector prints. I called Robby over and said “We could do that!” It was an exciting idea. But we honestly didn’t know where to begin. Aside from design, we needed to know how to mass produce prints, market and sell them. What followed were months of research, branding and of course product building. We didn’t want to start with just five prints. We had a lot of ideas for designs and we wanted to share them all from the start. And it wasn’t until November of last year when we finally opened our virtual doors to the world.

A year ago this brand was just an idea. Today we are celebrating how far we’ve come. It’s scary exciting. One thing we know for sure is that the rewarding part from all of this is not as much as starting and running your own business, but having the ability to share your art with the world and receive much love for it in return.

Our journey is only beginning. And we can’t wait to see what lays ahead for us.